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It's time to discover which foods go beyond the plate, nurturing us on a deeper level.

Hi, It’s Christina and I’ll be
your guide on this incredible journey!


I created this program with you in mind. As your guide on this journey to health, my goal is to provide you a practical, holistic approach to nutrition that celebrates bio-individuality and emphasizes a delicious assortment of whole plant-based foods. I strive to help people find freedom from diets and chronic health conditions by simply embracing this plant-based lifestyle. It wasn’t that long ago I too wished to feel different. I lacked motivation to exercise, had tried many fad diets unsuccessfully, and I felt unconfident in my skin and body.

But it doesn’t have to be this way! Diet’s don’t work anyways- lifestyle changes do. Adopting more plants into your diet will only do you good! Say goodbye to those uncontrollable sugar cravings, sleepless nights, acne, muffin tops and low energy.

As an integrative health coach, I focus my program on what I call “Primary” and “Secondary” foods. Secondary Food is anything that goes into the mouth. This includes breakfast, lunch and dinner, alcohol, and even cigarettes. Primary foods are non-food sources of nourishment, and are what really fuel us.


THE FOUR MAIN PRIMARY FOODS ARE: Career, Spirituality, Relationships, and Exercise. The more primary food we give ourselves, the less we depend on secondary food. It works the other way too, the more we focus and stress too much about Secondary Food, the less space we leave for primary food, our true source of nourishment. You will receive benefits far greater than weight loss when you thoroughly embrace a holistic way of life.

Finally say hello to the new you! Watch how over time exercise will become something you love and look forward to every day (yes really)! Admire yourself and your true beauty as you witness your skin clearing, your hormones balancing, your digestion improving, your sleep patterns changing, and your relationships becoming more connected than ever.

Did I mention your confidence will be sky-high, your ideal weight will be reached (and maintained easily), and you will be well on your way to creating a life that you love?! Gosh the benefits are endless!

I encourage you to embrace a holistic way of eating, thinking, and being to create the life you always dreamed of.


– What You'll Get –


Two 50 minute sessions per month (12 sessions total)

Unlimited email support between sessions

Simple healthy recipes

Personalized action plans

A safe space to share anything you want

Homework and personalized handouts to keep you focused and growing

Guidance, support, and accountability

– Outcomes of the Program –


Feel more empowered and in control of your life

Reap the benefits of eating more real, whole foods. These include balanced blood sugar, increased energy, improved sleep, weight loss/maintenance, clear skin, more stable moods, and a release from restriction

The ability to navigate cravings mindfully

Renewed enthusiasm to set and achieve life goals

Knowledge of how to efficiently cook and shop for healthy foods

Maintain the “new you” with ease

– Here’s how it works –


I begin by sending you a health assessment to fill out.

In my free health consultation with you, we review your health history and goals.

After our initial meeting, we work together to design a long-term vision of where you want your health to be.

During each session, we set short-term goals, work through challenges, and celebrate progress

We have a bi-weekly coaching call via phone or Skype

After each session, I send you session notes, your custom action plan, and handouts specific to your needs and goals

You can email me at anytime for ongoing support between sessions

Common Myths

I am especially passionate about dispelling the common myths surrounding a plant-based diet including:

– It’s hard to get enough protein on a plant-based diet.
– Vegans only eat vegetables and the food tastes terrible.
– You’ll get weak and frail on a plant-based diet.
– We need milk and dairy products to build strong, healthy bones.

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Weight management, Clear Skin 
Irritable bowel syndrome,
Dealing with cravings
& food addiction,

Stress management support


Meal ideas, Weight loss,
Calorie intake, Mental clarity,
Social situations, Food combining,
Eating delicious meals on a budget,
Positive attitude and mindset,
Dealing with family and friends.

– Change Your Life Today –

Are you ready to have energy like never before?
Are you ready to feel confident and amazing in your body?
Are you ready to discover what foods can help support your body?

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