My Simple Healthy New Year’s Resolutions

My Simple Healthy 2020 New Year’s Resolutions

Hi my GlowGetters!

How are you? I just want to say THANK YOU for commenting over 30 comments on my most recent Instagram post here. I had mentioned once I got 30 comments I would write a blog post on my 2020 resolutions! I so often have many likes on my posts and views on my story, so I know you are there with me- but I want that engagement; that community; that CONVERSATION. Without it, I feel lonely, like I’m talking to a wall. >> I’m willing to show up for you if you show up for me! (Cheekily smiling here)

We are officially 5 days into the New Year here in Australia. Have you been consistent with your goals for 2020? I feel the expectation so many of us have for ourselves is that New Year’s Resolutions are HARD, and I think perhaps too often this is our fault (for making them unrealistic)- but having said that we made these resolutions for a reason; aka our WHY and therefore it is important we jump back on board that healthy bandwagon ASAP as it’s only January 5th and we still have 360 days to make change happen. I am excited to announce I think my resolutions are healthy AND simple – so I’m very excited to share them!

I want to express here the difference (in my eyes) between resolutions and goals. Resolutions represent a firm decision to do or not to do something. I think of these as needing to be top of mind daily, they are either rituals or habits that happen on a daily or weekly basis- but are always top of mind. I also think of them as absolutes. I think of goals as more the object of a person’s ambition or effort; an aim or desired result. I have more of my long-term desires in my goals journal (albeit some of my resolutions might help me reach those goals)- and I may not think of them daily or even weekly, but over time I have certain goals I want to accomplish in all areas of my life such as career (including income, projects), relationships, fitness, spirituality etc…

I hope that makes sense to you. So for today I am sharing my Healthy and Simple New Year’s Resolutions for 2020! These are top of mind every day, and part of my identity.

My Healthy (and simple) New Year’s Resolutions:

  • Wake up by 5:30 am every day. This is extremely important to ME. I feel my best self when I wake up early, and I fell off in 2019 after my partner was more of a late-night person and I tried to assimilate to blend in with him better.
  • Be true to ME. This falls in line perfectly after #1. Be myself. I don’t need to lower my vibration to fit in more with the Joneses. Fuck the Joneses. I need to get to bed early (most days), wake up early, eat clean, and not go to every single vegan event or fun event people are attending. Only the ones that truly call to me. FOMO isn’t real- I’m over it.
  • Follow my GLOW PLAN. This is what I teach my weight loss clients to make after they finish my 8 week program. Everyone’s is different. Mine has changed throughout the years. If you’ve been following me for a while, you know I used to be a fully raw vegan, but I feel more balanced including cooked foods like potatoes and seeds like buckwheat and quinoa in my diet. I don’t feel my best eating grains even though sushi rice is my favourite food. My body hates them. So I’m going grain free. I don’t want to say I already messed this up- but yesterday I went for an ACAI bowl in Bondi and didn’t realize the coconut whip wasn’t yogurt (it was coconut whip) and the granola wasn’t grain-free. I just asked for extra fruit and seed mix on the one I ordered today. Ö

During my separation (I am currently single) in 2019 I turned to comfort vegan junk foods for about 8 months. Oil and nutrient-deficient processed foods which I hadn’t consumed in YEARS. Honestly YEARS. I have learned a beautiful thing about myself; I am human. The struggle to release those foods has helped me relate better to my clients & understanding how turning to food for comfort is an easy habit when living busy and stressful lives. If you want to hear more about this topic- my current GLOW PLAN, resulting 2019 weight gain, and the emotional frequencies I learned foods can have on your body- let me know!

Weight changes in 8 + months
Homemade raw snacks
  • Meal Prep! I had always thought I would never need to do this again- but since I am in Australia without a set schedule, always running from here and there I have found I NEED to pack my meals. I can get FRUIT almost anywhere at any grocery store, but I don’t want fruit for dinner most days. I easily turned to processed vegan foods for dinner a lot of the time the past 8 months, especially going to potlucks and events with dinner provided and I’m over it. I don’t feel great eating processed foods- I am much happier being disciplined by planning ahead, and packing my meals the day before! This saves money and keeps me on track with my goals. I’ll be the girl at an event with her own meal packed. This refers back to goal #2!
Using my dehydrator to make apple chips
  • Follow my morning routine. Everyone has a different morning routine, and I encourage you to create one that is sustainable for the long-haul and that you can do when travelling (picture habits you can take to hotels etc). My morning routine consists of 1 litre of warm water with fresh lemon & detox mix, taking my supplements, completely massaging my skin with moisturizing lotion (I haven’t always been consistent with this- it’s a MUST for me this year), using essential oils and going for a walk. If you want to hear more intricate details on this- let me know!
  • Follow my bedtime routine. This includes meal prepping for the next day, putting my phone on airplane mode an hour before bed, journaling, drinking tea, using my diffuser, earplugs and eye mask. Not to get repetitive- but if you want to hear more intricate details on this- let me know!
  • Do weight training exercises at least 3X a week. I am starting this resolution at the end of January. I’ve decided to word it this way for me to keep it top of mind, but I am happy to do 3 classes a week at a gym that incorporate weights or when travelling, doing weight-bearing exercises for a minimum of 30 minutes 3X a week. I want to be nice and toned by the end of 2020. This single girl has realized she relies on men to lift everything- I need to build some muscle!
  • Show up for YOU daily!! DAILY! This means I plan to produce some sort of content daily- this can be an Instagram post, a youtube video, a blog post. I have to hold myself accountable to this. WHY? Because I have a big WHY. I have goals and dreams and I need my followers to help me get there. The truth is people invest (and I don’t just mean financially) in people they trust- and I don’t blame anyone for not trusting anyone who doesn’t show up every single day or who disappears when life gets tough. Well 2019 wasn’t what I expected- and I left social media quite a few months of the year to take time to focus on me- but what I have realized was I should have SHOWED UP for you instead. Chances are I would have connected with someone going through the same things at the time and I could have made a significant difference in their lives.
  • GO VEGAN. I’ve eaten a vegan diet (except for honey) for almost 8 years but have always purchased leather purses, clothing, and shoes without a second thought. It’s been a hard few days (not going to lie!) staring at all the beautiful shoes I can’t buy- but I can’t be ignorant and focus on convenience over doing what is morally in line with my values. I CAN find vegan shoes- and actually did find some at that same shoe store- and one of my favourite vegan brands Matt and Nat sells shoes now too! I look forward to exploring cruelty-free fashion in 2020. *Note: I will NOT be discarding any non-vegan goods I currently own. An animal DIED for these, and I will not toss them out in vain. I will continue to use what I own, but not repurchase (to the best of my ability) any further non-vegan goods. Xx

That’s it!! Those are my 2020 New Year’s Resolutions!

I have goals in addition to these resolutions which have to do with everything from my social media (including my Youtube), career, programs I want to create, spirituality, relationships, travel etc… and a LOT of these resolutions will help lay the foundation for me to reach all my hopes and dreams. I hope this post inspired you- and I look forward to connecting with you more and more this year.

P.S. Communication as I mentioned in the beginning of this post is so important to me- Please share below what you would like me to post about next. I want to give you everything I have got GlowGetters – please hashtag #glowgetter on Instagram and Tag me so I see your posts!

>> P.P.S. Please share your resolutions below! I’m dying to hear what you are going to apply to your life. Do mine resonate with you?

I would love for you to share this post. Thank you so so much for being here, your time and attention means the world to me. I love you.



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