How to Eat Vegan at Any Restaurant – Italian Edition!

Pasta is the ultimate comfort food! Before I was vegan, it was my go-to dish at almost every restaurant. It’s amazing to me how different every pasta dish is just by using different ingredients.

When I first went vegan I avoided ordering pasta due to creamy dairy-based sauces and the assumption that pasta was only good topped with cheese! Boy, was I wrong! Plus there was the issue with true Italian restaurants making fresh egg pasta! (Vegans don’t consume eggs if you didn’t know!)

However, once I realized most restaurants have a gluten-free pasta option that’s usually rice or corn based, my life changed! While I’m not gluten-free, it was a vegan pasta I could eat at Italian restaurants again. After a few weeks of being vegan you lose all cravings for dairy, and I promise you you will have an incredibly delicious (and nutritious) vegan meal at any Italian restaurant when you follow my tips in this video!

Join me at the perfect date night spot, Bonterra Trattoria, an incredible Italian restaurant in Calgary who will whip up incredible Italian dishes for you. This was the best vegan Italian pasta I have ever had!

I hope you love, learn, and enjoy! Xo

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