How to Eat Vegan at any Restaurant – Ethiopian Edition!

My obsession with mangoes started recently when I went to Calgary’s Marathon Ethiopian restaurant and my meal started with fresh mango juice. I died and went to heaven.

Ethiopian food was one I always assumed would be vegan-friendly when I went vegan, but I found it to be very intimidating. I was well versed in Indian Cusine, and what I thought would be similar flavour profiles are actually quite different! Ethiopian cuisine has its own signature spice, berbere, which is a mix of many spices to create this blend that is both full of flavour and heat.

This spice is not for the faint of heart – or taste buds. Fantastic as a seasoning for stews, soups, grains and vegetables, it makes Ethiopian food a must try! I also can’t forget to mention the almighty injera; the spongy pancake-like bread used to soak up all the delicious curries and transport them to your mouthwatering palate. I can’t wait to hear your comments on this one!

I hope you love, learn, and enjoy! Xo

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