How to Eat Vegan at Any Restaurant – Chinese Food Edition!

I have always loved Chinese food. From a young age it was my mom’s takeout of choice (and still is)! We had Chinese takeout on celebrations like New Year’s Eve, and regular weekends where we binged on Netflix and… chilled.

When I went vegan, I was happy to find out not much had to change because there are lots of options for us! With Chinese restaurants, there are some questions to ask you wouldn’t normally think of. For instance, they may have a ‘vegetarian’ or ‘vegetables’ section to their menu, which doesn’t mean its free from meat or other animal products. It just means that section has dishes¬†vegetable focused.¬†Good questions to ask are if a dish has oyster sauce (a common ingredient), egg, fish, beef or chicken stock. Ask for them to use vegetable stock instead, and swap out the sauces for vegan ones like black bean, sweet & sour etc.
I show you more ways to eat vegan at a Chinese restaurant in the video below. This was shot at my favourite Western Chinese restaurant in Calgary- Singapore Sams! They do lunch through late-night so you’ll never be deprived of your cravings again! I hope you love, learn, and enjoy! Xo!

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