How to Eat Vegan at Any Restaurant – Brunch Edition!

Going out for brunch with the family was always a cherished weekend tradition in my household. From a young age I fell in love with creamy hollandaise sauce and would drown my Eggs Benedict in it because it was that good. 
When I went vegan I couldn’t envision much more than dry toast with nut butter as a breakfast option for me at our local diner. I started to transition my family to go out for weekend dinners instead- because I thought I would enjoy dinner options more. However- Red’s In Kensington, a breakfast favourite in Calgary, proved I didn’t have to do that!
I am happy to say our beloved brunch is back in business. There are so many amazing vegan meals to be made at a diner when you break down their menu and get creative. Want to see how?! Subscribe as you watch the video below!
I hope you love, learn, and enjoy! Xo

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