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It has been a week. A WEEK!

I am overwhelmed.” “I am stressed.” “I am responsible now to so many.” “What if I let them down?”

After my YouTube video came out, I experienced a bit of panic inside me. I promised to show up for you every single day this year as part of my resolutions for 2020 and I could feel the responsibility I immediately had created to share my journey to getting my period back. (If you are extremely confused right now, please watch my video here– and then this will make more sense!)

I feel in times of great change it is important to have some daily rituals in place to keep you grounded. For myself, I miss certain comforts of home every day. Mainly my fancy kitchen appliances, my duvet cover (although Australia is too hot for one now), my close friends and family, more storage space (I love Australian fashion and have stacked my dressers to make room for me to walk around my room…), White Christmases (the only time I’ll ever wish for snow!) etc…

I feel so off balance without routine. I have had OCD since I was a young child, and although I mostly grew out of many negative behaviours, I still find myself enjoying routine. Some people like to “go with the flow”. I will say I understand it is the “way of the universe”, but that doesn’t mean I “like” it.

Albeit, I have no choice but to “go with the flow” in regards to life right now! I’m single and I’ve rented out my condo in Canada, and am currently enjoying summer in Bondi Beach! Still trying to decide how long I want to stay for. I have some trips planned to Thailand and Bali in the next few months, but since the world is my oyster right now, I can head anywhere at any time! Both scary and exciting. I would ideally love to find another plant-based company to partner with and work with in one city for the long haul, so I have routine and a social life outside of my health and weight loss coaching (very rewarding but can be lonely at times).

How does all of this relate to today’s blog topic energy? Well I find committing and practicing rituals to help lay the foundation for grounding to be very effective in this area. And while I have many things I try and do each day (such as freshly squeezed lemon water and a walk in the am, moisturize my body head to toe, use my diffuser every evening etc) one of my rituals has been very consistent throughout the years. Perhaps it may surprise you- or perhaps it may not!

vegan salad

So- what is it? What is this great ritual I practice that I credit having so much energy towards?

I’ll give you a hint! It’s vibrant… and it’s green.

More specifically it is GREENS! Greens at every meal. Yep you heard me.

I will now share this funny story with you because it is true (and also very recent):

My friend (let’s call him J) and I were recently out for a bite to eat. I got an acai bowl, and he ordered his food. He didn’t say anything when I pulled out a bunch of extra bananas and apricots to eat with it (I find acai snack-size here), but gave me the strangest of all looks when inside this restaurant I pulled out a bag of greens and proceeded to mix them into the acai, and then eating the apricots rolled inside the greens, and mixing all of it into the acai. Suddenly I’ve gone from a lady to an animal- eating with my hands- eating GREENS with my hands, making lettuce wraps essentially with a dripping ACAI. YUMMY. I just said “I eat greens with every meal.” LOL!

No wonder I’m single. The class…. It’s hilarious because my ex hated that I ate with my hands half the time in public too. And he is right to think that is weird- but I’m 50% a raw vegan hippie (mangoes are best when dripping down your arm yo!) and half a beauty queen who loves luxury and… well… CLASS.

Anyways, you’ve probably seen 437492828832 stories of my fruit meals if you follow me on Instagram and watch my stories. I save a bunch to my “highlight” section if you haven’t! What you don’t usually see is the head of lettuce I have in addition to my banana ice cream, my chopped up fruit plate, my sushi, my lasagna, or even just a random snack of dates,

raw vegan

I can count the number of times I didn’t have lettuce with me at most meals the past couple of years. It happens so infrequently now- I just carry bagged lettuce with me daily and although I don’t snack on it- I use it as a base to roll up my food and get that extra nutrient dense goodness inside my body.

I looked at my camera roll on my iphone and found hundreds of photos like these that I never post (because the fruit looks best on its own), but in truth I do eat greens with almost every meal! Even when having sushi- I’ll roll it in lettuce. Etc. Strange, but I had tried a fully fruitarian diet before and I just BINGED in the other direction of processed junk. Nobody will ever tell me fruit alone is a balanced diet. I personally think we all need greens. Organic is best as the skin of leafy greens is so thin. And while lettuce is the easiest for me to find, I also count celery and cucumber as a green I carry around to change things up.

So if you feel weird eating with your hands, you can become a classier lady than I by having chopped greens to add to your fruity or savory meals! But if you want to be one with the earth– and a little weird, feel free to eat your fancy lasagna rolled in lettuce, and subsequently dip it in a jar of tahini like the self-proclaimed classy lady I am. I’m laughing as I right this- but it’s so true. My ex set boundaries for when I could eat without proper manners!

I should mention I do take a greens powder each morning too. Daily Green Boost is an awesome addition to one’s supplement routine, but I say addition- because it should be taken in addition to actually eating the greens.

daily green boost

Glowgetters, do you ever dip celery in your banana ice cream? How about rolling up your sweet potatoes in lettuce and dip them in tahini? The options are endless- but my message is clear: EAT MORE GREENS!! They are high in iron, calcium, magnesium, potassium, and vitamins A, C, E and K!

So much love,


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