– My Story –

Hi! I am Christina,

The face and mind behind Christina Glows. I’m a big-city girl who grew up splitting my time between Ontario and Québec. After enjoying a successful 4-year real estate career, I lived in multiple cities before landing in Edmonton, Alberta, to pursue my passions: a combination of holistic nutrition and wellness practices with the vision of helping others lead their best lives.


Our Approach

How it began

I started Christina Glows to empower people to lead their happiest and most abundant lives. While I may be a glowing symbol of health now- that wasn’t always the case.

I suffered from anxiety and depression for most of my teenage and early adulthood years. This darkness within me cost me relationships with almost everyone I knew, from friends to lovers. My perfectionist persona led me to develop an unhealthy relationship with food, and caused me to be rigid and uncompromising in most areas of my life. I suffered from allergies, digestive issues, and low energy. My outside didn’t reflect the inner light I knew was within me.

Our Story

Going plant based was the start
of my journey to self-love

Plant Based Diet

Eating an abundant whole-foods, plant-based diet allowed me to finally look as beautiful on the outside as I felt within. Without animal products slowing down my digestive system, my energy levels skyrocketed. I was free of bloating and my allergy symptoms subsided.

My mind however was still plagued with negative thoughts and self-doubt. I was still rigid and uncompromising, and often backed out of the little plans I did make with people, to spend time alone. This only made me feel more alone, and the pattern of not feeling good enough and not feeling liked by others continued. After years of this, I knew there had to be a better way.


Holistic Way Of Life

It was then when I started to dive deep into personal development. Motivated by transformations I had seen by others, I dove right in! I took the best advice from every thought leader and took action. Realizing that my beliefs had the power to create and the power to destroy was life-changing. I literally had control of everything I thought about myself, and my thoughts would either keep me down and destroy me, or help me create the beautiful life I had always dreamed about.

Changing my belief system was a starting point. From there I learned about holistic nutrition! I learned just eating a perfect diet isn’t enough to be healthy. I discovered other lifestyle factors that influence health – all of the things that help nourish your mind, body, and soul that aren’t found on your dinner plate: relationships, career, exercise and spirituality.

This new holistic way of life combined with a plant based diet changed everything for me. I started to glow. For myself, great health means you have a solid foundation in both nutrition AND wellness practices. It is not enough to have one without the other.

For a happy life,
you need to heal the mind

– that is when you truly shine –

Health & The Environment

The connections I made towards my health, the environment and animals as a newly glowing woman paved the path towards a life of abundance and wealth far beyond anything money can buy. My practices helped me follow my intuition to leave my lucrative real-estate career and go back to school to pursue my dreams. I smile every day now. It is truly rewarding making a positive difference in people’s lives and it gives me a sense of purpose. Health coaching does not just focus on nutrition and exercise, but all aspects of a person’s life, therefore you get to see their whole lives transformed.


Our Approach

Our Story

– My Message To You –

I’m here for you shining star. Let me teach you what I’ve learned- and continue to learn because you’re ready. You know it’s within you to say yes to a new life. You want a life full of health and energy and positive thoughts! Life brought you to this page for a reason. Say yes and embrace this moment- you’re about to unleash your inner glow!

Fun facts about me

If you ask me what playlist I’m listening to at the gym, it’s a 90’s playlist. What can I say? Britney and the Backstreet Boys never get old. Plus, I’m a 90’s baby for real.

Stress Away is the essential oil always in my purse.

Raw pad thai is my favourite dish. Peanut sauce...

My favourite movie has to be "My Best Friend's Wedding".

I love live entertainment: plays, comedy shows, dinner theatres, concerts, karaoke- you name it and I am there!

I live for farmer’s markets and attend one every weekend I can.

I love mornings & start each day by counting my blessings.

I have a tattoo that says “Never feel anything less than beautiful” - which I find so powerful.

I believe in the power of fruits and vegetables.

Release your inner glow today

You can change your life with my help!